Are you a Metabolic Balance Practitioner? Your training is an incredibly powerful tool that utilises food as medicine to heal. But when you combine it with Naturopathic Emotional Release… magic happens!

As a Metabolic Balance Practitioner myself, I understand the difference it can make to people’s lives. But I also believe you can take it to the next level by using NER.

Let’s explore how NER can support Metabolic Balance Practitioners to succeed in business while also achieving amazing results with their clients.


How NER Supports Metabolic Balance Practitioners To Succeed

You can tackle the underlying drivers of your client’s issues

As health practitioners, we know that the path to healthy happy clients is by addressing the root cause. Otherwise, the results won’t last.

Metabolic Balance is amazing at addressing drivers such as inflammation and gut health. But we still need to ensure we look at the effects of stress and emotions. It’s a two-way street – addressing physical wellbeing goes a long way, but we can’t ignore the role of mental wellbeing and the nervous system.

By combining NER with Metabolic Balance, you are balancing both sides of the health equation. The nourishment of the physical tissues helps your client to better manage stress, while addressing stressors, trauma and emotions means their physical wellbeing improves.

Any self-sabotaging behaviours can be addressed

One of the most common issues that Metabolic Balance Practitioners face is keeping clients on track with their plans. The first few weeks of the program can be intense, especially if your client has had a very imbalanced diet to begin with. But there are also people who start to see results, only to fall off their plan.

As frustrating as it is for you, your clients don’t do this to annoy you or because they don’t respect you. This comes down to self-sabotage.

In almost every case of self-sabotage, it comes down to a stressor or block that your client has. It’s something that is protecting them or benefiting them in some way, so their nervous system holds onto that pattern. And this not only stops them from taking action, but also contributes to the symptoms they present with.

The problem here is that it doesn’t matter that your client has a Metabolic Balance plan. If they aren’t going to follow it, they won’t see the results you know they are capable of. And if they don’t see those results, they don’t get the chance to become one of your raving fans who refers all of their family and friends to see you. So no one comes out a winner.

If they are going to release this pattern of self-sabotage, the block has to be processed and cleared. And that’s where NER comes in. NER allows you to quickly identify any stress, emotion or trigger that is keeping them stuck and release them – right there in the clinic room! Your client walks away feeling lighter and more motivated to make lasting change.

It addresses your own blocks as well

We might forget it sometimes, but it’s not just our clients that have obstacles and limiting beliefs! Practitioners can slip into the habit of self-sabotaging their business success. This is more common with natural health pracs because we have COUNTLESS mindset issues and limiting beliefs around money, client care, the therapeutic relationship, and how success affects us.

So if you find yourself experiencing issues such as:

  • Feeling uncomfortable discussing the price of your programs/packages
  • Not following up with someone who books a discovery call or enquires about your services
  • Hiding yourself away rather than marketing yourself and your offers
  • Being on a rollercoaster of client bookings – one month you’re booked out, the next having few or no bookings at all

Then you can use NER to identify what is holding you back then process it and let it go.

There’s no point in training as a Metabolic Balance Practitioner and dreaming of 5 figure months and 6 figure years if your nervous system is not on board with the plan. Using NER will allow you to get out of your own way and have the business you’ve always wanted!

Want to add Naturopathic Emotional Release to your clinical toolbox?

The place to start is with my NER Training Course, which is run online and in-person. To learn more about the training and check out the upcoming workshops, click here.