Do you see other practitioners succeeding around you, but you just can’t seem to get your clinic to the same level? Maybe you feel like you’re always on the cusp of the next level, but then something comes up. If this sounds familiar, it could be a case of unconscious self-sabotage.

Signs that you are sabotaging your own success

Awareness is always the first step in tackling this problem. There are countless ways that it could show up for you depending on what your business looks like. But some of the most common signs that show up for practitioners include:

  • Hesitating to book clients in as frequently as they need (so you might get them to book in 4 weeks even though you’d prefer to see them in 2 weeks)
  • Not following up with clients or returning calls that you’ve received from potential clients
  • Turning down multiple opportunities to promote your business such as a podcast interview or a speaking event
  • Undercharging because you’re worried people won’t pay your prices
  • Not taking your research time into consideration with your pricing
  • Avoiding prescribing necessary supplements or offering a cheaper alternative instead
  • Discounting your services and/or products regularly
  • Planning out passive options such as a course, but never taking action
  • Undertaking more qualifications, trainings and seminars before you’re ‘ready’ to put your services out there
  • Struggling to raise your prices, or when you do, going overboard to ‘compensate’ for your increased rate

If any of these resonate with you, please don’t beat yourself up for it! It’s a common experience and not one to be ashamed of. But it is one that you need to address if you want to get past this frustrating state of never quite achieving your goals.

Why does this happen?

When you get down to the nitty-gritty, sabotaging your business has the same drivers as clients who never take their supplements or can’t give up their treats.

Sometimes it is simply that you’re overwhelming yourself or not getting the support you need to make your clinic a success. But every single practitioner I’ve met who shows signs of self-sabotage has some form of underlying driver. We’re talking:

  • Mental blocks
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Issues around money
  • Stress and/or trauma

It’s not that you don’t want your business to be successful, or that it’s impossible. The problem is that something within your nervous system is holding you back because it believes that is the safest option for you.

So until you take steps to identify and clear those drivers, you’ll continue the pattern of getting inspired, taking one or two steps then sabotaging and feeling let down.

How we can address self-sabotage

First up, I want to make it clear – no one is immune to these patterns. Everyone in the profession will experience some form of stressor, emotional driver or limiting belief that impacts on their business.

The only difference between you and those who are already succeeding? They are actively working on releasing those blocks!

I’ve been working on my own blocks around business, money and success for years – even when I was still a student. And I still work on them to this day, because stress and emotions are things that we will always be exposed to.

So how do I work on addressing underlying emotions and stress? Naturopathic Emotional Release, or NER.

NER is my go-to option because:

  • It targets those underlying emotional drivers and stresses that are causing you to have unhealthy and unhelpful beliefs/behaviours around money and business
  • By addressing the underlying cause directly, you’ll see ripple effects throughout your life – for example, your relationships or health issues might improve
  • Using NER takes as little as 10 minutes – making it one of the fastest ways to clear the blocks!

As a naturopath myself, I know all too well the beliefs that we experience as healers and practitioners. But if we can clear these blocks, we can not only experience success – but we can transform the lives of hundreds or even thousands of clients each!

Once these beliefs are dealt with, practitioners can experience amazing results such as:

  • Tripling their income
  • Being fully booked with a waitlist of 2, 4 or even 8 weeks
  • Creating passive income options
  • Discovering the work-life balance they dreamed of

Want to experience the difference for yourself? My 6 Week NER Mastermind is the best place to get started. Together, we’ll identify and process the stressors and beliefs that are keeping you stuck so you can transform your business (and your life!)

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