Do you have clients in need of emotional release and healing old wounds? 

Are you left feeling frustrated when your clients get stuck in a cycle of self sabotage? 

Are these same clients struggling to achieve the results your other clients attain with ease? 

Do you ever feel there’s something missing, wish you could dive deeper, or want to offer support beyond your current naturopathic and nutritional treatments?

Imagine having a new skill set in your practitioner toolkit to support your clients on an emotional level.

Would you like to have a deeper connection with your clients, and help them release emotional blocks that might be holding them back

How would your practice change if you could help clients address emotional health issues with ease and confidence

What if you could: 

  • Improve client outcomes
  • Build trust
  • Increase word-of-mouth referrals
  • and fill those empty slots in your calendar

simply by adding a new technique to your consultations?

Who is Naturopathic Emotional Release™ suitable for?  

Naturopathic Emotional Release™ is designed to be used with all clients, regardless of age or gender. 

Any client who is experiencing any type of stress, trauma or any chronic issue in the body, lot of the time there is an emotional driver to their condition. NER can be used as a tool to address self-sabotaging behaviours and can help create behavioural change with ease helping your clients achieve their goals faster.

Some of the conditions indicated for use of this therapy include:

Bed wetting
Chronic conditions
Digestive disorders
Eating disorders
Emotional issues

Fertility challenges
Food aversions
Hormonal imbalance
IBS Mental health issues
Night terrors
Organ dysfunction

Self sabotaging behaviour
Sleep issues
Trauma and grief
Weight loss

How do I use Naturopathic Emotional Release™ in my practice? 

You can implement the Naturopathic Emotional Release™ process into your consultations to assess for any emotional or stress associations with your clients’ conditions. 

The process combines touch, meridian and acupuncture points, muscle response, Emotional Freedom Technique and memory recall to help clients of all ages tap into and release these emotions. 

An assessment can be completed in as little as 10 minutes at the end of your standard consultation, or you may choose to provide NER-only sessions. 

Completing the NER training program also enables you to market yourself as a Naturopathic Emotional Release™ practitioner, with the skills to help clients identify and release emotional blocks that may be holding them back from achieving their health goals.

Naturopathic Emotional Release™ is a holistic method of psycho-emotional therapy. Created by Naturopath Karlie McKeand, Naturopathic Emotional Release™ empowers holistic practitioners to help clients process and release emotional blocks and stress-related issues.  

Naturopathic Emotional Release™ or NER is a tool to help identify and integrate underlying emotional blocks. These underlying emotions can contribute to disharmony in the body leading to symptoms or undesirable patterns or behaviours in the subconscious.  

The method is based on the findings that neuropeptides are released during times of stress, and can attach to receptors on the neurons and cells of tissues throughout the body.  This mind and body connection explains why stored emotions may contribute to pain, illness and disease, and how clearing those emotional energies could provide potential benefits. 

Naturopathic Emotional Release™ combines touch, muscle response and subconscious memory recall to help clients of all ages tap into and release these emotions.

When you can tell your clients their truth without their involvement and instantly create shifts in their emotional and physical health, you create rapport, trust and connection that builds long term clients, better client outcomes and word of mouth referrals. This helps you to become a better practitioner and also positively impacts your business and income – Karlie McKeand”

Would you like to…

  • Improve your client outcomes
  • Help clients uncover emotional blocks that might be holding them back 
  • Build trust and rapport with your clients 
  • Increase word of mouth referrals 
  • Enjoy greater confidence in supporting your clients emotionally
  • Present yourself as an expert in your field 
  • Increase and diversify your income streams

What others have said about the program: 

“I absolutely LOVED NER! Karlie was such a passionate and patient presenter. Not only did I come away with a new skill set that I implemented on my very next clinic day, I also got to work through my own stuff. The workshop setting is relaxed, while Karlie provided assistance as we are working through the steps. I couldn’t recommend this more highly. It was like my missing piece of the puzzle.” 

Nic Topp

“I find the emotional story to health fascinating. I always say to my patients “I need to get into your head, to the person behind the thoughts”. Well now I have this most AMAZING Naturopathic tool to do this even easier, and my clients have had life-changing results! And I have only just completed my course, so watch out world, I now have a way to find out the emotion behind your continued behaviour, pains in your body and all those bloody hang ups! Thank you Karlie, Bali was everything I hoped for a I completely recommend your NER course to all health professionals. ” 

Chelsey Jean

I went into NER training not quite sure what to expect, and I found it to be really practical and it’s been immediately applicable to my clinical practice. Karlie is an excellent facilitator and has a wealth of experience that she shares in a way that’s supportive and easy to understand. I loved connecting with the other pracs in the training and because we were practising on each other we were releasing our own emotional blocks at the same time which was awesome. I now offer NER sessions as a stand alone consultation and clients really love it. I highly recommend this innovative technique and training.

Susie Garden

When I saw the NER training event coming up I knew that I wanted in, I wasn’t totally sure what it was or how it worked but I was keen to give it a go. I was also looking for a point of difference as a practitioner and a way to further help my clients on an emotional level. NER has been easy to implement into naturopathic consultations and I’m so glad I now have this new skill, which helps uncover and shift some of the emotional roadblocks on the path to healing. Karlie is an amazing and practitioner and trainer and is truly passionate about NER. Her style of training made me feel calm and confident and I would totally recommend this course to any practitioner who wants integrate a new technique into their practice, allowing access and release of emotional roadblocks.

Cassandra Turp

I loved the NER training as a Bali immersion. It was an all-embracing and enjoyable experience. Initially I questioned whether I could justify it, but also knowing I had to do it. I came away with skills that I am using most days in clinic, quite a bit of personal emotional healing and a few days holiday that I desperately needed. Many of my clients need counselling support, which is not in my scope of practice but with NER I can provide the support they need. The Bali experience and the follow-up support has provided me with tools I am incorporating to clear emotional blocks for my clients. The results I am achieving could not have been possible with a 100% nutrition focus. I am enjoying getting more confident with my new skills and I would thoroughly recommend anyone who deals with clients with emotional issues (and who doesn’t) to incorporate NER into their practice.

Robyn Millar

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