A 5 day Women’s Immersion in Bali

Imagine waking up to this view. 

Have you ever dreamt about escaping the daily grind?

Are you feeling burnt out and longing for some ‘me time’?

Wish you could get away to relax, rejuvenate and restore
even for just a few days?


Let me guess.

You’d love to, but… there’s work to do, bills to pay, and people who need you.

Your to-do list is never ending, and you can’t remember the last time you did something for yourself.


I know that feeling. I’ve been there.


Stuck in a toxic cycle of putting everyone else before myself, and growing tired and resentful because of it.

Something had to give.

And I realised nothing was going to change, unless I did.


What happened next awakened energy and excitement that transformed my business, my family, and my life. 

Now, I’m sharing that experience with you.



Imagine having a few days away in beautiful Bali, dedicated entirely to you.

A chance to deeply rest, relax and rejuvenate, ready to return home with more energy and vitality to do the things you love.

That’s exactly what I needed when I ventured out on my first Balinese retreat.

It was during a time in my life where I was tired, burnt out, and neglecting myself.

As a busy wife and mother, I had demanded so much of my body for years on end – and given it nothing in return.

I knew I needed a break, but I had no idea just how much.

And I almost didn’t go, because the thought of time away from my husband and children filled me with fear and overwhelm.

But I put on a brave face, and did it anyway.

It was unlike any other holiday. 

All the planning was taken care of, I had amazing nourishing meals prepared for me, a relaxing schedule of nurturing activities like yoga and massage, plenty of laughter shared and memories made with the other women in the group, and for the first time in years – some precious time to myself.

I rediscovered the power of self care, and soon realised I was able to give even more of myself to those around me by filling my cup first.

It was a defining moment that took me from living life in the passenger seat, to creating the life I wanted.

And I realised this was a gift I wanted to share with other women, just like you.

How would your life change if you could:

  • Wake up energised and excited to take on the day
  • Have more time for self-care and doing the things you love
  • Reignite your inner spark and rediscover your passions
  • Take control of your schedule, health and mindset

…simply by taking five days to reconnect, restore and be nurtured in beautiful Bali?







Komune Beach Club, Bali

13th-17th May, 2025


This 5 Day Women’s ALL-INCLUSIVE Immersion in Bali has been consciously created to provide you with a nurturing experience like no other!



  • Switch off, zone out and let us take care of YOU
  • Immerse yourself in experiences to go within and explore your health and mindset
  • Workshops to support personal growth, healthy mindset and holistic health
  • Relaxing Balinese massage to relax, restore and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit
  • Experience the benefits of yoga whilst watching the sun rise over the ocean
  • Traditional Balinese blessing beneath a beautiful waterfall
  • Ancient sound healing in the Pyramids of Chi
  • All meals prepared for you, enjoy healthy, fresh and delicious meals, catering to all tastes and dietary needs
  • Real, soulful connections with other women, which we all need!
  • Intentionally healing experiences unlike you have experienced before
  • A taste of local culture and retail therapy in one of Bali’s greatest markets
  • Time to relax in paradise, read a book and enjoy the 5 star Komune resort, enjoy restorative sleep and truly reconnect with yourself

Your Host:
Naturopath Karlie McKeand

Relax~Revive~Restore & Emotion Release Technique Founder

 My name is Karlie McKeand. I’m a wife and mum of two gorgeous girls, aged 11 and 8. As well as being the creator of Relax~Revive~Restore, I am a passionate naturopath committed to getting you back on track. My focus is on empowering you to bring about change and vitality in your own life. I specialise in getting to the core of what’s going on with you and your health, whether that is physical, nutritional, biochemical or emotional. I am in my element when I am working with women, particularly in group settings like during a retreat. The process of bringing you from your current state and then assisting with your transformation to your most renewed, empowered self is something that is part of my purpose. During the five-day Bali immersion, I will be hosting workshops to guide your transformational journey, leaving you feeling nurtured and nourished. 

I know you are tired, and I know you need a break to reset and recharge. I’ve been there too! In the years prior to my first Bali immersion, I was a depleted mumma on every level. I was exhausted, sleep deprived, and stressed trying to juggle ‘all the things’. I wasn’t looking after myself the way my body needed me to. That experience changed everything for me. I was amazed that after just five days, I went home back to the true me, happy and ready for my next chapter. And this is the experience I want to share with you.  The retreats that I have been on personally over the years have marked a monumental point in my life. These are points I will always tresure and have been life changing moments for me. These experiences are the points of where I have upgraded to the best version of me. I want this for you too.

I am experienced in running Bali retreats, I have the tools I need to assist you, and to do this is the most magical place that also assists in your healing and restoration, it equals the perfect recipe! 


How will the Relax∼Revive∼Restore Bali Immersion help me?

Are you tired of waking up tired?

Does the monotony of daily life make you feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel?

Would you like to boost your energy WITHOUT reaching for coffee and sweets?

Have you been putting everyone and everything else before your own needs?

Do you want to shake things up and make a change?

We can become trapped in a cycle of bad habits and self sabotaging behaviours that leave us feeling frustrated and burnt out.

I was amazed to realise that to change that, all I needed was some time and space to myself.

The life-changing shift I had in those five days of my first Bali immersion was a transformation I couldn’t have achieved with the demands of my everyday routine.

That experience was a turning point for me, and inspired me to create the Relax~Revive~Restore Bali Immersion to share those gifts with you.

Here’s what some of the previous attendees had to say:

I was lucky to have experienced the rest revive restore retreat in Bali in November… that is EXACTLY what it was for me.. A truly amazing experience. Amy and Karlie showed such knowledge, compassion, support and understanding throughout the retreat. The yoga with Amy, their attention to detail and special little touches took the retreat to a whole other level. Bali and the Komune resort is the perfect setting and the way that each day was planned with the different activities made it such a transformational experience for me. The journey with Amy and Karlee and the other ladies of different ages and walks of life is beyond words and I feel blessed to share this experience with all of them, we met as strangers and left as friends with a very special connection. Thank you Amy and Karlie what you have created is awesomely beautiful.

We Women…. feel if we focus on ourselves we are selfish but if you value yourself, it is time to invest in YOU, you are worth this time and effort, the potential to transform your life for YOU, your family and your business is mind blowing. If you look after you, everything gets better. It will be the best thing you ever do in your life and you are never to old and it is never to late.. put yourself and this retreat at the top of your to do list for 2020.. a new decade a new YOU.” 


“I was blessed to be part of Karlie McKeand’s Bali Retreat. What an amazing experience. Karlie showed such knowledge, support and compassion throughout this wonderful journey. Bali was the perfect setting for this life changing experience. I am going home a different person! I am 64 years old and I achieved things in these 5 days that I never thought possible. I would highly recommend this journey to anyone who wants to change their lives. This journey with Karlie and the other ladies was beyond words. Thank you Karlie McKeand. You are amazing!” 

“Thank you Karlie for the opportunity to be part of your Bali retreat. Such a life changing experience. I arrived in Bali exhausted from being crazy busy, stressed and totally so far away from feeling myself. I had no idea that a transformation on such a huge scale was even possible in 5 days. I LOVED IT!! So many awesome, powerful and magical experiences, some that will stay with me forever. I arrived home a totally different me. So calm, happy and peaceful. Id almost forgotten how that felt. Its being weeks now since being home and still feeling it. I have bitten my nails for over 50 years but with this calming transformation at your retreat, I haven’t chewed since Bali. The Komune Resort was just another bonus. Amazing place, amazing food, amazing time. Thanks Again Karlie!”

“The whole thing was incredible. The best thing was the other women, the vulnerability, the connection, the breathing space.”

“I was lucky enough to be apart of Karlie’s Bali Retreat, arriving feeling unsure of how the workshops would work for me. I came away truly feeling invigorated, motivated and ready to embrace what the future holds. Karlie is a wonderful young woman with knowledge and compassion way beyond her years, a gorgeous soul.”

“Life changing, A must for every woman!”


Does this sound like you?…

You feel physically and emotionally exhausted

You’re stressed, anxious or overwhelmed

Your health is not as good as it once was

You wake up tired and battle through the day

You turn to coffee or wine just to ‘get by’

You’re always busy and racing against the clock

You put others’ needs before your own

You know you need a break, but you’re not sure how to make it work

You’d love the chance to relax and re-commit to you…

Are you ready to be the best version of you?

I see hundreds of clients in my clinic each year, and I can confidently say most women need this one reminder:

“When you look after yourself, you become a better version of you and everyone benefits!”

It took me a while to take my own advice. And when I finally took the plunge, my loved ones were the first to notice the change.

Taking time out for myself gave me the energy and enthusiasm I needed to be the best mum, wife, and practitioner I could be.

Whatever your responsibilities and priorities in life, this experience will give you the motivation to return home ready for anything.

Most importantly, it will reignite that inner spark that illuminates you from the inside out.


Komune Beach Club, Bali

 13th-17th May, 2025

What’s Included? 

This five-day immersion will take place in the amazing Komune Resort in Bali from 13th to 17th May, 2025

Komune Resort is a 5-star eco-friendly resort with an immersive blend of Balinese and Australian culture to make your stay comfortable and relaxing.

Five days is just enough time to reset and refresh, while not keeping you away too long from loved ones and commitments back home.

During the All-inclusive Relax~Revive~Restore Bali Immersion, you will experience: 

All accommodation and meals at Komune Resort and Beach Club, Bali 

  • 4 Nights Accommodation in Resort style accomodation (twin share)
    *Can upgrade to your own resort room for $247 USD once you have confirmed your spot
  • All meals provided including fresh juice and kombucha
  • All activities including daily workshops, yoga and meditation
  • Sound healing session at the Pyramids of Chi
  • Traditional Balinese blessing at a waterfall
  • Retail therapy excursion at local Balinese markets
  • 1-hour Balinese massage
  • plus much more…




(Note: Flights, transfers to and from the resort and alcoholic beverages are not included in the package. Transfers can be coordinated with the resort or Karlie has a great contact.)  

Secure your place now!

For your all inclusive package…

Upfront payments $1897 USD

12 monthly payments of $165 USD




Komune Resort and Beach Club, Bali

 April 13th -17th, 2025

I have had so much interest in this retreat. These places will sell fast!

Secure your place now!

For your all inclusive package…

Upfront payments $1897 USD

12 monthly payments of $165 USD

Email us at info@karliemckeand.com.au