Bust your Business blocks

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Bust your Business blocks with NER

Do you find yourself unable to create the success that you dreamed of?

Are you ready to release the blocks that are holding you back and build a thriving practice?

You see other practitioners around you creating amazing offers and attracting their dream clients. But your own business success seems to have stalled, no matter what you do.

The missing piece of the puzzle is your mindset.

Unfortunately, practitioners are not immune to self-sabotage patterns! Mindset blocks around money, abundance and being of service are rife in the healthcare profession. We are told over and over again, ‘being a naturopath will never pay well’ or ‘real healers don’t get rich off their clients’.

As a result, you might find yourself:

  • Avoiding prescribing supplements, or offering a cheaper option instead of the right supplement
  • Booking clients less frequently than what they need
  • Procrastinating on following up or calling people back
  • Turning down opportunities that could boost your visibility
  • Charging less than what you are worth

This is where Emotion Release Technique can help.

That’s right – it’s not just an amazing tool to use with your clients. You can also use ERT to identify your own blocks around success, money and business so that you can get out of your own way. Using ERT can specifically identify your own blocks that are affecting your business and money and help integrate them so you can achieve your dreams and business goals in an easier efficient way.

I’ve seen firsthand what a massive impact ERT can have on a practitioner’s mindset, abundance and business success. That’s why I’ve created “Bust your Business blocks with ERT”

In this intimate online mastermind, we will explore the common blocks around business and money and how to clear them.

Using ERT can help you succeed in business by addressing blocks around:

  • Being visible as a health expert
  • Launching programs and products
  • Showing up on social media
  • Running group programs
  • Public speaking or being confident on a live video
  • Running an online business
  • Holding workshops or retreats
  • Attracting income goals and increasing your prices
  • Paying tax and GST
  • Bringing in more clients
  • Confidently prescribing supplements and rebooking clients

Are you ready to take your business to the next level of abundance?

12-week Live Mastermind

If your in business, this is something NOT to be missed. We all know how MINDSET is the key to succeding. This mastermind not only addresses your OWN blocks that sabotage your suceess but it helps to FAST-TRACK you to move forward.

Don’t miss out on our next round! Numbers are HIGHLY limited so you can get the most out it.


Feedback from some thriving practitioners

My mind is blown by the changes and expansions that have happened since I began working with Karlie and using ERT.

Over a fairly short period of time we have shifted so much that I hadn’t even realised was holding me back and keeping me playing small. Karlie intuitively navigates each session into exactly what I need at the time, whether I know it or not!

Some examples of the shifts have been:

  • Becoming confident in attracting the right clients and inviting them into my high end program.
  • Overcoming the overwhelm of expanding into learning and creating a new membership option.
  • Being OK with asking for help and outsourcing work where my time could be better spent.
  • Giving myself permission (and actually following through) on nourishing and nurturing myself with down time and self care.

All of our sessions are filled with love, compassion and grace. If you are serious about up levelling yourself and your business, I can’t recommend Karlie’s ERT business sessions highly enough. It’s the most incredible and liberating investment in yourself you can make.

Kylie Pinwill, Qualified Nutritionist, Women’s Health Coach, Author & Speaker

I had the pleasure of learning ERT in Bali with Karlie which was amazing experience and one I highly recommend. So the next natural step was to do a 6-week ERT business course to support my own challenges with my business, so I can get out of my own way and on with things in a positive productive way.

It’s been an amazing experience that is also a lot of fun. ERT has been a great way to remove personal and business blocks and it’s been an experience that has helped me to shift some unhelpful behaviours in business and even in life.

As a bonus, it’s also a great way to continue to learn and re-engage in ERT skills which has helped me to utilise and polish up on my own practice, including distance ERT via self-testing.

Another Naturopath and I enjoyed it so much that we decided to extend our 6 weeks and we are now going into our 14th session!

Claire Georgiou, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist & Author