Have you been hustling and pushing to get your clinic off the ground, with no results to show for it? Are you looking for that missing piece of the success puzzle?

Many practitioners go through a period of working hard and not seeing the growth they were hoping for. If this is where you’re stuck, the good news is that you can move forward and grow your dream practice.

Succeeding as a practitioner isn’t about being the best

Do you feel like your problem is that you just don’t know enough? Maybe you’ve seen the more experienced practitioners commenting in groups and you see yourself coming up short in comparison?

I’ll let you in on a little secret:

There is no direct relationship between business success and being the top of your profession.

Some of the most experienced and educated practitioners out there aren’t seeing the success they want.

Some of the newest and greenest practitioners are building 6 figure businesses and booking out every week.

You do not have to be the absolute best in your modality and niche to build a successful business. All you need is the ability to serve your clients and help them achieve their goals.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the biggest celebrity nutritionists, naturopaths and personal trainers out there. They’re not creating elaborate treatment plans or spending hours stressing over the right combination of supplements! Their offers focus on helping people to achieve their goals what we consider to be the basics of wellbeing. 

What stories are you telling yourself?

Over 2020, there was a real divide in the health practitioner world. Many mentioned that their clinic bookings took a nose-dive – some even having to close their doors. But others boomed and were booked out for weeks in advance! 

What was interesting about this is that it was nothing to do with their location or whether they were already working online beforehand. Some people were hitting income goals in stage 4 lockdown, and others were struggling when their state was relatively unaffected. 

The big difference was not the circumstances, but what they were telling themselves.

So I invite you to take a closer look at the stories you are telling yourself about your business and why you’re not succeeding. You might like to write them down. 

Ask yourself: are they my views, or is it something I’ve been told? Have I seen any evidence to the contrary? If so, are these thoughts really true?

As an example:

I have to work long hours and see as many clients as possible to build a successful business

  1. It reminds me of how my parents talked about their own careers when I was growing up
  2. There are other practitioners out there who are hitting their income goals and they still have time to raise a family or travel overseas 
  3. This is likely not true – there could be other ways I can build my business.

Identifying your stories is a good first step. But to truly thrive in business, you need to clear those stories and blocks so you can move forward.

My favourite tool for clearing my own blocks

No one is immune to blocks around business, money and success. Stress and emotions can have a deep and lasting effect on how we view the world and respond to our environment. That’s why I am an advocate for working on addressing the underlying emotions and clearing the blocks that are inhibiting your success.

The simplest way to do this is using NER – Naturopathic Emotional Release.

Why use NER? Because:

  • It targets the underlying emotional drivers and stresses that cause unhealthy beliefs and behaviours around money and business
  • By addressing the underlying cause, you can see ripple effects throughout your life – for example, your own health issues might improve
  • You can implement it in as little as 10 minutes – making it one of the fastest ways to clear the blocks!

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