More practitioners are looking for ways to offer a greater variety of services – both for their clients and as a way to boost their income. And one easy tool you can add that can diversify your offers? Naturopathic Emotional Release (NER).

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that NER-qualified practitioners are incorporating their skills into new and exciting ways of supporting their clients.


5 Ideas For Using NER To Diversify Your Business

Combination appointments

This is often the starting point when practitioners first qualify in NER. They are already offering nutrition or naturopathy appointments to their clients, so an easy way to test it out and gain confidence is through using NER within their current sessions.

NER within your current offers is a game-changer. You can clear the layers of stress, emotions and mental blocks that have been holding your clients back from greater transformation. All of a sudden, the self-sabotaging clients are sticking to their healthy habits and taking their supplements!

An assessment using NER can take as little as 10 minutes at the end of a session, and leaves your client feeling lighter and more empowered to make the necessary changes. If you do incorporate NER into your usual appointments, you may like to increase your price accordingly (and if the thought of doing that terrifies you, it might be time to jump into my NER Mastermind and clear those blocks!)

NER-only appointments

Another option is to offer a second type of appointment that is solely focused on NER. I find this is useful if you tend to have clients with multiple layers of stress, trauma, limiting beliefs and blocks around their health.

Rather than trying to divide your time between NER and nutrition/naturopathy considerations, offering NER-only appointments gives you plenty of time to uncover and release these patterns that are sabotaging their wellbeing.

This is a great offer to incorporate, as you’ll find clients who do NER are more likely to work with you through your other modalities and vice versa.


When it comes to attracting new clients and offering more support to current clients, workshops are a great offer. You can use them to educate people about an important health topic, as well as a funnel for your higher-end offers such as packages.

By infusing NER into your workshops, you have double the benefits:

  1. The attendees get a taste of NER and are more likely to take up other offers that include NER as a service
  2. They walk away from the session feeling excited and inspired to improve their wellbeing, rather than hitting blocks and limiting beliefs around working with you to support their health

You can offer a workshop solely based on NER, or like combination appointments, you can add it in as a short session at the conclusion of the workshop.


More practitioners are returning to retreats for their clients. Retreats are powerful – they take the client out of their ‘normal’, reduce their stress and give them plenty of perspective. And more people than ever are keen to travel thanks to the last few years of restrictions!

But one easy way to take your retreats to the next level is incorporating NER sessions into your retreat. This can be offered 1:1 or as a group exercise.

But most importantly, it allows you to tackle the underlying blocks that pop back up as soon as the client gets home to everyday life. So rather than having 2, 3 or 5 days of feeling amazing and then going back to their normal patterns, you give them the chance to get to the root of why they’ve struggled with their health for so long and make changes.

Group program add-on

More practitioners are shifting to a hybrid model or even a full group program structure within their business. This allows you to help more people with their health concerns in less time (not to mention, it also gives you time to take care of your own health!)

Just like any health program, addressing the mindset is a must to see amazing results. That’s where adding NER as part of your group program can lead to raving clients who refer all of their friends your way!

You can even offer NER as an online service – I teach how to do this within the NER Certification.

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

There are countless potential ways to include NER within your business structure. These are just some of the ways that my graduates have already incorporated it into their offers. The only limit is your imagination!

Excited to add Naturopathic Emotional Release to your toolbox?

I can’t wait to see the results you can create for your clients and for yourself! Click here to learn more about the upcoming training and certifications.