As health practitioners, one of the most common reasons come to seek help from us is weight loss. This can be a tricky area, as there is so much involved – as we know, it’s not as simple as putting them on a diet! Many practitioners shy away from weight loss because they realise this.

But what if you could use a tool that supported weight loss clients naturally? That’s where Naturopathic Emotional Release is here to help.

How you can use NER with your weight loss clients

Tackling self-sabotaging patterns

The biggest issue for weight loss practitioners? Keeping clients on track with their health journey. While they want the outcome, there is a reason (often several!) that it hasn’t happened for them already.

They may struggle to stick with the plan from the beginning, or they may fall off as soon as they start to see improvements. But clients don’t do this to annoy you or because they don’t respect you. Instead, it’s a clear pattern of self-sabotage.

What does this mean? There is a stressor or block that your client has that is causing them to sabotage their efforts. It’s protecting them or benefiting them in some way, so their nervous system holds onto that pattern. As a result, they struggle to take action, unconsciously set themselves up for failure, and often experience a variety of other symptoms on top of their weight struggles.

The biggest issue with this? It doesn’t matter how much you optimise their diet, exercise, stress management or sleep. Their nervous system is trained to pull them off-track. This is bad news for them and for you as a practitioner (as they won’t refer their friends or family because they finally got the results they wanted!)

So what can be done? We need to help them to identify the pattern and clear it, which is where NER is here to help. NER allows you to quickly identify any stress, emotion or trigger that is keeping them stuck and release them – right there in the clinic room! Your client walks away feeling lighter and more motivated to make lasting changes.

Addressing the most common underlying driver

Just like any other health presentation, excess body weight comes with multiple potential causes. But if we look at all of those causes, every single one is either caused or exacerbated by stress. That includes:

  • Thyroid issues
  • Insulin resistance
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Emotional eating
  • Poor food choices
  • Increased appetite/cravings

That’s why we need to consider the effects of stress, and help clients to process that stress effectively. That’s why I love using NER.  You can start to clear layers of stress from the first appointment, which can greatly increase their chance of long-term success!

Supporting long-term maintenance

What about when your client reaches their ideal weight and feels fabulous? Unfortunately, the research shows that this doesn’t mean a happy ending.

We know that most people will go on to regain the weight AND add on some extra kilos on top. And that’s not what we want for our clients!

The beliefs that interfere with weight maintenance are often completely different to those around losing weight. Many people believe they can lose weight – as they have done so previously. But if they’ve come to you for help, they have likely never kept the weight off, so their underlying story is around them being unable to maintain that weight loss.

This belief may even have nothing to do with their weight at all! It could be a story from childhood where they failed to follow through on something, or an adult telling them that they can’t do something.

But rather than going through every single thing they ever heard or believed, NER can be used to narrow down to the emotion or the timeframe. Once you know what is holding them back, you can process it and help them to release this pattern.

Want to add Naturopathic Emotional Release to your clinical toolbox?

The place to start is with my NER Training Course, which is run online and in-person. To learn more about the training and check out the upcoming workshops, click here.