Health practitioners are some of the most important professionals out there. But despite this, many will face mindset challenges that hold them back from helping as many people as possible.

If you’ve struggled to get your business started, build up a solid client base, or just feel like it’s not quite working, these might be the reasons why.

The 5 Top Mindset Challenges Facing Health Practitioners

Imposter Syndrome

This starts from the moment you receive your qualification – and for many, it sticks around! The more you learn, the more you understand it’s only the tip of the iceberg. So you start to have thoughts such as:

  • I can’t say I treat this condition as I don’t know enough
  • I’m a fraud – who am I to give health advice?
  • As soon as I complete the next qualification, I’ll start treating clients

The big problem here? Firstly, you’ll never know everything about health, even if you have a specific niche. We are always learning new things about the human body! So there’s no true end point for this.

Secondly, you end up doing people a disservice by withholding your support. There are hundreds of clients out there that could benefit from your help RIGHT NOW – not in a year or a decade when you have the next piece of paper.

If you do experience imposter syndrome, please know that you are not alone. Many of the most successful practitioners out there today have felt the same way.

The difference is that they have not allowed imposter syndrome to win. Instead, they’ve uncovered where that mindset came from and cleared it.

Being Seen

Do you hate social media or marketing yourself? Does the thought of going onto a podcast or interview to talk about what you do make your skin crawl? If so, this might come back to a mindset issue around being seen.

The problem with this is that it doesn’t matter how many courses, challenges and programs you do around marketing and building your business. If you don’t tackle the driver – the fear of being seen – you won’t see the results you’re after.

This can also surface for practitioners who are on the cusp of going next-level in their business. You could self-sabotage by not responding to opportunities, failing to follow up, or procrastinating on the steps needed to scale your practice.

Charging Your Worth

Another common challenge practitioners face is around pricing themselves. It could be not recommending supplements, offering discounts, or under-pricing in general.

While this often comes from a place of caring – not wanting to add financial burden to their clients, for example – there is more going on underneath.

From a practical standpoint, it’s not our place to assume what someone can or cannot afford. Our job is to offer the best care possible so that clients get the results they desire.

However, this is typically a deeply ingrained unconscious belief system at play. It could be a generational or cultural belief – for example, many practitioners with an Eastern European background have faced this. Or it could be a belief you were exposed to during your studies such as ‘naturopaths don’t make good money’ or ‘only practitioners who take advantage of people make a good income’.

Whatever the root cause, it needs to be addressed. Otherwise you could struggle for years or even decades to run a successful clinic practice (if you don’t just give up!) And just like with imposter syndrome, the longer you take to release it, the more people who miss out on the support they need.

Needing To Do It All

When you first start off as a practitioner, you might need to do some tasks that aren’t your area of expertise. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself forever!

This commonly comes back to a pattern of needing to have control and perfectionism. But the outcome is that you are splitting your energy between too many roles. A big driver of practitioner burnout is when you get stuck in the space of doing everything yourself and never quite taking the leap to get help!

It can also come back to not trusting your income. You might want to hire an accountant, a virtual assistant, a web designer or even a second prac – but then panic at the thought of what to do if your income dries up.

Feeling Responsible For Client Outcomes

Now don’t get me wrong – you play a role in how your clients succeed in their health journey. But there are people out there who are struggling with underlying issues that can sabotage their results. As a result, they will:

  • Stop taking their supplements
  • Give up on healthy eating
  • Skip their workouts
  • Procrastinate on their stress management techniques
  • Stay up late scrolling through social media instead of getting proper rest

The good news about this one? There are strategies you can use to uncover those challenges and help to address them! Naturopathic Emotional Release is a game-changer for clients who have unconscious belief holding them back.

As a naturopath myself, I understand the beliefs that affect healers and practitioners.

That’s why I work with health practitioners of all levels to clear the blocks that are getting in the way of their success. And once the beliefs are dealt with, we see results such as:

  • Tripling income
  • Fully booked with a waitlist
  • Creating passive income options
  • Discovering the work-life balance they dreamed of

Want to experience the difference for yourself? My 6 Week NER Mastermind is the best place to get started. Together, we’ll identify and process the stressors and beliefs that are keeping you stuck so you can transform your business (and your life!)

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