Do you want to get amazing results with your clients every single day? Of course you do – it’s something that every health practitioner dreams of. 

There will always be clients that you aren’t the right fit for, and no one has a 100% success rate all the time! But there are some ways that you can improve the odds and help more of your clients to transform their health and their life. 

Meet them where they are at

Each client is an individual on a journey. Some are just beginning, whereas others have been on the path for years. Some clients do best with baby steps to start with, as they feel overwhelmed and even paralysed by their situation. Others thrive off strict rules and structured treatment plans.

It doesn’t matter which the client sitting in front of you is. What matters is that you can identify where they are at and meet them right there. 

Understanding your client’s mindset in the moment is just as important as their case history. This allows you to tailor your treatment plan to set them up for success.

Build up rapport

One of the most important steps for a practitioner to take is building rapport. For clients to trust you, they need to feel connected with you in some way. Take the time to build up rapport and connection with your clients from the first day.

Some ways to encourage trust and connection with your clients include:

  • Use your active listening skills – listen closely, clarify if needed, and reflect their feelings and intent back to them when relevant 
  • Show interest in their life – clients are not just cases! Everyone wants to feel like a real person, so ask them about their interests and passions. This is also important when it comes to understanding what motivates them.
  • Be aware of any cultural influences – our clients can come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. To build rapport and trust, you want to know the topics, practices and gestures that may be acceptable or taboo for that client.
  • Come from a place of service – this is the mindset you want to have for every single consultation. But sometimes, we can get caught up in traps like comparing our success to other practitioners or wanting to come across as the expert.

    Your job is to support your client on their health journey – and you don’t have to be perfect or the best practitioner in the world to do that.. 

Focus on the biggest bang for your buck steps

Almost every client that walks in your door is struggling with stress, overwhelm and emotional drivers that have brought them to this point. The last thing you want to do is add to that overwhelm by giving them a treatment plan with dozens of supplements, lifestyle changes and diet swaps.

Instead, look for the few changes that will give them the greatest returns. This isn’t about you looking good as a practitioner. It’s about setting them up to see that they can succeed. Seeing results will motivate them to keep going for longer.

The best results come when you address the root causes. It has a ripple effect across their life. Sometimes they see improvements in areas they didn’t even realise were a problem, such as better sleep or healthier bowel movements!

Address any self-sabotaging behaviours 

Some clients will make some progress, and then sabotage that progress. Others will struggle to even get started with the steps you provide to them.

If your clients are in a pattern of self-sabotage, they won’t be able achieve their full potential of health. But if you can address the why behind your client’s behaviours, it means better results.

This is why I created Naturopathic Emotional Release as a tool for practitioners. Using NER, you can help clients to identify the underlying emotions and traumas that are holding them back. 

In just one consult, you can uncover and clear the blocks that may have been holding your client back for years. As you can imagine, this can lead to unbelievable health transformations!

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