When you start out your journey as a fresh natural health practitioner, there is so much to consider. But the steps that you take early on can influence your path more than you might realise.

The transition from the academic world to both clinic and business can be challenging. But by adopting specific behaviours, you can set yourself on a path to thrive in the realm of natural health – no matter how you choose to offer your services to the world.

Here are 5 key habits that I see in successful practitioners.


6 top habits of successful natural health professionals

Seeking guidance from experienced mentors

It’s never easy to walk a path alone. You don’t know what to expect, what is normal, and what could be avoided. That’s where finding a mentor that you resonate with can make all the difference.

A mentor that is a fit for you can offer insights, share practical tips, reassure you when times feel tough, and help you to navigate all there is in this wide field.

Connecting with a mentor can also provide you with a support system. Depending on how they work, it may come with a small group who can act as your cheerleaders, or you may have devoted 1:1 time. No matter what the structure, a great mentor will guide you to build a successful business, avoid as many pitfalls as possible, and refine your skills.

Most successful practitioners will have either sought mentorship early in their journey, or they found that when they did find a mentor, their success accelerated! Seeking support is not a sign of weakness – just like our clients, everyone needs the right team members to keep them on track.

Utilising accountability

When you work for yourself, the responsibility of everything is on you. And when there is a lot going on, that’s a lot of pressure! So you might find yourself procrastinating, putting off things, or getting caught up in a negative spiral.

That’s where having a form of accountability can help. This may be in the form of a mentor, a group of peers, or even external sources like coworking sessions. The format isn’t what matters – what does matter is that you have something other than yourself to keep you moving forward.

Charging your worth

New practitioners often fall into the pitfall of underpricing their services. But if you can determine the right price that will allow you to deliver outstanding care to your clients and take care of your own needs? That will set you up for success much faster!

Embrace failure as your friend

This is one that many new practitioners fear, because they believe that failure is the end of the line. But you’ll find that some of the most successful practitioners out there have failed over and over!

Failing at something as a practitioner is not a make-or-break moment. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. If you can extract the valuable lessons that come from your failure? You can throw yourself into the next project with far more confidence, knowing that you’ll avoid making the same mistakes.

Remember, failure and not giving up teaches you resilience and adaptability. If you can nurture these traits, it will set you up for sustainable, long-term success – not just a quick win.

Addressing the obstacles of your mind

Success is in the mind of the beholder. So we cannot overlook the role of your mindset when it comes to building your success as a health practitioner!

Some people have done more work around their mindset than others. But limiting beliefs and mental blocks affect all of us – no matter how long we’ve been in practice or how much we’ve done for our mindset!

That’s why I still use NER as a tool for tackling my own limiting beliefs and unhelpful thought patterns. By using NER, I built my success as a practitioner quickly from day 1. My first year, I made 6 figures, and that continues to this day.

As a naturopath myself, I understand the challenges that affect healers and practitioners in all stages of business.

That’s why I work with health practitioners of all levels to clear the blocks that are getting in the way of their success. And once the beliefs are dealt with, we see results such as:

  • Tripling income
  • Fully booked with a waitlist
  • Creating passive income options
  • Discovering the work-life balance they dreamed of

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