Have you discovered that you have blocks around making money? Want to clear them so that you can finally build that dream practice and help thousands of clients? 

Money blocks can keep you feeling stuck for months or even years on end. But if you put the time in and let go of the limiting beliefs you have around finances, your business will have the opportunity to blossom.

Health practitioners have some of the biggest money blocks around!

Honestly, I cannot think of a profession that has more mindset issues around money than the natural health profession. So many of us have been taught that we can’t make good money, or that it’s not ethical to earn a good income. 

But this is simply not the case. You can make a healthy level of income from your business – even if you are only working part-time hours or working online. 

And if it’s considered ethical for psychologists to earn 6 figures and surgeons to earn millions, there is no reason why you can’t make the same level of income! The only difference between you and a psychologist or surgeon is that they weren’t told that they’re not allowed to earn a good amount. Instead, they went into a profession where that level of income is ‘normal’.

It’s time for health practitioners to stop letting their own stories hold them back!

Fixing your money blocks is not just about you

Think that sorting out your money blocks is only for your benefit? Think again.

When you have the money that you need to support your life and your wellbeing, you become a better practitioner. This allows you to better serve your client base because you are well-rested, energised and focused on their journey.

On the other hand, when you’re not making enough to cover your bills, you put yourself into fight or flight mode. You might be in the clinic room with a client, but your mind is off trying to think of ways that you can hustle up more business. As a result, your clients won’t get the results they could be getting – and that means less word of mouth business. 

When you address your own money blocks, it has a ripple effect throughout your business and your life. Your family, your practitioner friends and your clients all experience benefits as well! 

It may even be that a healthy income will mean you can finally designate funds to support charities and causes that are important to you. So don’t view this as a selfish focus – it is a step that will keep on giving to your whole community.

The benefits of using NER to clear your blocks

Your money blocks didn’t just appear overnight. They are a result of the thoughts, emotions and stresses you have experienced over the years. 

It might have been someone telling you that you were selfish when you were a child, or living in a low-income household growing up. Maybe you had a bad personal experience with another practitioner who charged a high fee and gave you dozens of supplements. Whatever the cause, your business and clients need you to clear those blocks. 

So what can you expect if you release those emotions and stresses that have been holding you back? Every practitioner is different, but some of the benefits my practitioners have seen include:

  • Being comfortable with rebooking clients
  • Prescribing supplements based on the client will benefit from, rather than an assumed budget
  • Not taking it personally if someone can’t afford a product or service
  • Improved results with clients
  • Consistently following with clients – leading to more client bookings
  • Increasing fees without worrying that clients will be lost
  • More effective marketing – leading to more bookings
  • The courage to diversify income streams 
  • Taking on other practitioners and staff members
  • Having the time and finances to prioritise self-care or even further education


Plus if you add NER to your toolbox as a practitioner, you can see even greater results!

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