More practitioners are embracing a more rounded approach to client care. One way that you can improve client outcomes, build trust and increase your word-of-mouth referrals is with NER – Naturopathic Emotional Release.

There are a few questions that practitioners have been asking about NER. So let’s go through the FAQs about NER and how it can help you better serve your clients and your business.

I can already use herbs and flower essences to help with stress and trauma. Why should I add NER to my toolbox?

Almost every single client we see will have some aspect of stress, self-sabotage or trauma evident in their case. Tools such as herbs, flower essences, nutrients and lifestyle interventions are still an important part of caring for your client. 

But there are a few reasons that using NER alongside these remedies can be more effective than natural therapies alone:

  • It allows you to identify emotional aspects that are not obvious to you or your client 
  • You can uncover how emotions are impacting on different aspects of your client’s well-being
  • Any sabotage patterns and behaviours that are holding clients back from achieving their goals can be identified and addressed 
  • The effects of NER occur almost immediately – your client leaves a session feeling lighter
  • You don’t have to worry about client compliance because the process takes place within your appointment

Because your clients are seeing results quickly, you can build up a base of loyal clients that recommend you to all of their friends! So it can also help you to build up your reputation as a practitioner.

I’m not a naturopath. Can I use NER? 

As long as you are a clinical health practitioner, yes. For example, nutritionists can use it to better address stress and trauma, as they don’t have herbs or flower essences as an option.

Addressing the emotional aspects of your client’s health is a vital piece of clinical practice. Having an effective tool in your toolbox  to do just that can be a game-changer for any health practitioner! 

Does my client need to talk about their emotions or traumas to benefit?

No – which is why it can be incredibly powerful. 

Even if you have excellent rapport with a client, they may not be comfortable disclosing details. Or it may be that they are completely unaware of what is lying deep down. NER gives your clients the benefits of addressing the emotional blocks that are holding them back without them having to say a word.

It might even be that you don’t want the details or prefer to not discuss emotions too deeply. Using NER allows you to uncover the information you need and clear the blocks that need to be released.

Does NER take up a lot of time?

Not at all. An NER assessment can be completed in as little as 10 minutes at the end of a standard consultation. 

However, you can choose to offer NER-only appointments for your clients. This is a great option if you’re looking to diversify your income streams.

Can I use NER online?

Many practitioners have embraced online consults recently. So it’s natural to wonder if you can use NER for online consults as well as in-person appointments.

The answer is: absolutely. You do need to be able to walk your client through how to self-test, but I teach my practitioners how to do exactly that in the Naturopathic Emotional Release training courses.