Many practitioners have used NER to support their female clients with great success. But have you ever wondered if the results are similar for male clients? I’m often asked whether Naturopathic Emotional Release can support health concerns that are common or even specific to men – so let’s take a look.

Can NER support male clients?

The answer is absolutely. Although you might be hesitant to recommend it to your male clients, I’ve seen some outstanding results using NER. There are a few core reasons why NER is particularly beneficial for men.

Men have emotions too!

One of the biggest myths that is still being unravelled is that men are less emotional or that emotions affect men less. This is simply not the case. While yes, women show their emotions more openly, men are influenced by their emotions too.

But unlike women, many men were raised to keep their emotions under wraps. Some may even struggle to identify or vocalise the emotions and their effects because it has been repressed from a young age

And as you likely know by now, emotions that aren’t processed can drive health conditions and disease. So this means that there is an even greater need for NER when it comes to male clients!

Giving them an outlet to share

Another common misconception around men is that they don’t want to share about their stresses. But in my experience, men will often open up if you give them the opportunity to do so!

By using NER, you are inviting them to look at the emotions, the stresses, the trauma and the patterns that drive their health concerns. This can help them to become aware of what they might not have realised.

But it is also a safe place to have a conversation – many men don’t feel comfortable discussing these sorts of issues with their mates.

Addressing the mental health crisis

One of the biggest health issues amongst men is mental health. The research suggests that 1 in 8 men will have depression and 1 in 5 will have anxiety throughout their lifetime. And that’s even before the studies can adjust those statistics for the impact of the pandemic!

Now mental health is incredibly important for women as well. But the reason that it’s such a concern for men is that they are more likely to take their life because of it. In fact, of the average 9 suicides per day in Australia, 7 of those are males.

If we can use NER to process some of the stress and trauma that contributes to a man’s mental health issues, it could be life-saving – quite literally speaking!

Tackling addiction

One of the common outcomes of the issues we’ve discussed is the use of alcohol and illicit drugs. Men are more likely to use drugs than women, and they’re also more likely to end up in hospital or die from an overdose. The same goes for alcohol dependence.

As you can imagine, the effects of processing emotions and stress can be incredible for those who are stuck in a cycle of addictive behaviours. And that’s why I love to use NER in male clients.

What other men’s health concerns can benefit from NER?

Any health issue that can be driven or exacerbated by stress, trauma, unprocessed emotions and nervous system dysregulation – which, as you can guess, is a lot! Some common ones include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Weight issues
  • Autoimmune conditions such as ankylosing spondylitis, Coeliac disease, MS, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus
  • Digestive concerns such as IBS and constipation
  • Insomnia and sleep-related issues

As it can take longer for men to seek help for their health, conditions can be more severe by the time they start working with you. So the more you can do to help them recover from day 1, the better.

Want to add Naturopathic Emotional Release to your clinical toolbox?

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